Saturday, December 29, 2012


Get out your guns and dirty money, we're reviewing Bound!

Corky(Gina Gershon) is an ex con trying to get back on the straight and narrow. Violet(Jennifer Tilly) is the girlfriend to a mobster(Joe Pantoliano as Caesar).  They're lovers and they want to escape. Can Corky trust Violet to run away with her? Can Violet trust Corky not to leave her?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Get out your Elven blades and Dwarf axes, we're reviewing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!
Gollum is getting tired of your shit.
Bilbo Baggins(Martin Freeman) is a regular hobbit living in quaint little Baghends. When Gandalf the Grey(Ian McKellen) comes to recruit him on an adventure to accompany 12 dwarves to retake their homeland from the evil dragon Smaog, he's reluctant at first, but soon joins up. What dangers will they face in the first part of this three part adventure?

Friday, November 23, 2012


Get out your HEE HEE, we're reviewing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!
Michael Jackson: the original hard-boiled gangster.
I cannot accurately describe a summary for this movie.

Wreck-It Ralph

Get out your quarters, we're playing reviewing Wreck-It Ralph!

Wreck-It Ralph(John C. Reilly) is the villain of the arcade game Fix-it Felix Jr. When Ralph doesn't get enough appreciation, he decides he wants to be a hero and game jumps in search of fame and glory!  But without Ralph, Fixit Felix Jr. is in peril of being shut down permanently!  Along the way, Ralph meets a little racer, Vanellope(Sarah Silverman), who's in a similar situation. Can Ralph help Vanellope and find what he's looking for in time?

Cloud Atlas

Get out your multiple experiences that permeate both time and space that link all of us together causing us to realize that all of existence is happening simultaneously and infinitely...we're reviewing Cloud Atlas!

Cloud Atlas tells 6 stories simultaneously interconnected through time and space.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Get out your PPKs and martinis, we're reviewing Skyfall!

When a list of every agent in the field gets out of MI6's hands, there's only one agent who can hope to get it back, James Bond. But is he too old and out of date for the job?

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Man with the Iron Fists

Get out your iron fists, we're reviewing The Man with the Iron Fists!
Fat Russell Crowe is the best Russell Crowe.
When the governor decides to transport a large shipment of gold to his troops, word gets out and every two-bit assassin wants a piece of it!  Can a simple Black Smith(RZA) and Zen Yi(Rick Yune) fend them off?

Friday, October 26, 2012


Get out your fake storyboards and spy phones, we're reviewing Argo!
Lookit those eyes! Isn't Affleck saying, "c'mon America, give me another chance!"?
In the 1980's when enraged Iranians storm America's embassy and take hostages, 6 Americans sneak out and hide in the Canadian Ambassador's house. The best way the CIA can think to get them out is to  make a fake sci-fi movie and sneak them all out. Can they pull it off?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Get out your werewolves and vampires and mummies and invisible men and...ok let's just review Hotel Transylvania.
Mr. Werewolf had to drag his kids to see this.  
Dracula(Adam Sandler) has made a hotel for all monsters to feel safe. When his daughter Mavis(Selena Gomez) turns 118, she finally wants to leave the hotel and venture out into the world, and Dracula will do anything to prove to her that humans are not to be trusted. Enter Jonathan(Andy Samberg), a human who's stumbled onto the out-of-reach monster hotel!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Get out your time-machine and future guns, we're reviewing Looper!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a great Bruce Willis! And Bruce WIllis plays a great Bruce Willis!
In the future of 2044, time travel hasn't been invented yet, but in 30 years, it will be. When the mob wants someone gone, they send them back in time and use people called Loopers. Joe(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) leads a pretty successful life of drugs and loose women as a looper. But when his future self comes back in time(Bruce Willis) and gets away, young Joe has to kill old Joe before he himself gets killed by the mob!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hulk vs. Wolverine vs. Hulk vs. Thor

Get out your CRASH POW SNIKT SNIKT, we're reviewing Hulk vs. Thor and Hulk vs. Wolverine!
Since I picked up the two pack of Hulk Vs. Wolverine and Hulk vs. Thor, on the same disk no less, I thought instead of reviewing each separately, I'd embrace the competitiveness and let them both duke it out! Let the VSs commence!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Give 'Em Hell, Malone

Get out your Noir cliches, we're reviewing Give 'Em Hell, Malone!
Thomas Jane as a P.I? Tell me that's not a movie you want to see! No wait, let me tell you that is not a movie you want to see.

Malone(Thomas Jane) is a hard man to kill. He's a private eye who's stumbled onto a briefcase that everyone wants and he'll be damned if anyone else gets it!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Get out your future guns and trippy drugs, we're reviewing Dredd!

In a dystopian future ruled by chaos, the only law around is the Judges.  Judge Dredd(Karl Urban) is tasked with showing a rookie Judge, Anderson(Olivia Thirlby), who's a powerful Psychic, the ropes. When they get called in to investigate a multiple homicide at a slum called Peace Trees, they find themselves locked in a war with a the violent drug lord Ma-Ma(Lena Heady) who's the dealer of a new drug that changes the way the brain sees time.  Can they make it out alive?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sketched Games: Alan Wake

Get out your flashlights and revolvers, we're reviewing Alan Wake!

Alan Wake(Mathew Porretta) is a famous writer who needs a vacation.  He and his wife decide to get away from it all by visiting the small town of Bright Falls. Things quickly take a turn for the weird when Alan's wife is kidnapped by a dark presence and he's the only one that can save her! Minor spoilers ahead.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Get out your mind powers, we're reviewing Push!
Chris Evans and Camilla Belle.  I think she came out the best. 
In an alternate world in which certain people have special mind powers, Nick(Chris Evans) is a mover (meaning he can move things with his brain juices) who can't seem to get his life together. When he gets wrapped up in a conspiracy with a girl and a briefcase, he must work with a little girl, Cassie(Dakota Fanning), who's a watcher, to stop an evil shadow government group from finding said girl and briefcase.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hit and Run

Get out your fast cars and relationship talks, we're reviewing Hit and Run!
It's pretty funny to see Bradley Cooper in dreads.
Charlie(Dax Shepard) and Annie(Kristen Bell) have a great relationship going and trust each other completely. The only problem is Charlie is in the witness protection agency.  When Annie gets a new teaching job in LA, Charlie promises to drive her there.  Their fast-paced road trip brings up some buried things from Charlie's past. Will their relationship last?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Premium Rush

Get out your bikes, we're reviewing Premium Rush! ZOOOOOOM!

Wilee(Joseph-Gordon Levitt) is the fastest, most extremiest bike messenger in the city. Also, he has bike bullet-time. When he picks up an envelope that dirty detective Bobby Monday(Michael Shannon) is interested in, he has to use all his mad bike skillz to keep it from falling into the wrong hands!


Get out y'ur guns 'n moonshine, we're reviewin' Lawless! I promise I'll stop now.
Based on the true story, the Bondurant Boys(Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke) are hick bootleggers in Prohibition-era Virginia. When special deputy Charlie Rakes(Guy Pierce) comes to break up the bootlegging operations in Franklin County, the Bondurants are the only ones left fighting. Can they hold out as outlaws or will they fold like the rest?

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Get out your ghosts and zombies, we're reviewing Paranorman!

Norman Babcock(Kodi Smit-McPhee) is an outsider at school, in town and even in his own family, all because he can see ghosts.  When a century-old curse threatens the town, he realizes that he's the only one who can stop it. But can he do it alone?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Expendables 2

Get out your guns and your knives and your explodey things, we're reviewing The Expendables 2!

Barney Ross(Sylvester Stallone) gets his rag-tag team together, including Lee Christmas(Jason Statham), Gunner Jensen(Dolph Lundgren), and Hale Ceaser(Terry Crews), to complete what should be an easy mission.  But things go horribly wrong when an unnamed villain(Jean-Claude Van Damme) shows up, wrecks their mission and kills one of their team members. They have to find him and seek revenge! Do they have enough guns, knives and explosions to do the job? Spoiler: Yes they do.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Quickies: The Campaign, Bourne Legacy, Dead Heads

Hey guys, I've been super busy with the final project for my inking class(pictures soon) and working on my internship, so I decided to have one post of quick reviews of all the movies I've seen.

The Campaign

Cam Brady(Will Ferrell) and Marty Huggins(Zach Galifianakis) are running against each other for the Republican Congressman seat.  If you hate polotics, this movie will be HILARIOUS.  This is the funniest Will Ferrell movie he's had in years.  Though I was expecting a bit more Ferrell, it had the apporpriate amount of Galifianakis, and they play off each other perfectly. It also has a great supporting class including Brian Cox, Jason Sudeikis, John Lithgow and a hilariously terrifying Dylan McDermott.  It's funny and exactly what I'd expect politics to be like. One of the best comedies this year, go check it out, $$$$

The Bourne Legacy

For a Hawkeye prequel, I 'm surprised there wasn't a Black Widow cameo somewhere.  This takes place at the same time as The Bourne Ultimatum, in which the government is closing down all it's super soldier programs thanks to that pesky Bourne guy, and Aaron Cross(Jeremy Renner) with his doctor(Rachel Weisz) needs to find more super soldier pills and escape with his life.  This was pretty meh overall.  It has a slow start, which wouldn't be bad if it focused on Aaron's story, but it's mostly an hour of bad guys doing boring bureaucratic bad guy stuff. There's a few action scenes, but not as many as I would have liked, and the action isn't as amazing, inventive or groundbreaking as the previous three films. Also, no cameo from Bourne, which I didn't need, but would have liked.  It doesn't really have a satisfying conclusion either.  Aaron Cross doesn't even bother with going after the bad guys!  

It's like Moby's Extreme Ways that they have at the end of every one of these films.  There's a new remix version at the end of Legacy. It's different, and it's still cool, but it's not as good as the original, and you're probably just better off listening to that.  The best part of this is Renner and Weisz.  I've always been fans of theirs, and they both pull their own weight. Renner is a badass, and Reisz is a believable doctor freaking out.  It's an ok action flick, but not great, especially not compared to the previous Bourne films. If there's nothing else actiony out there, it's not bad, but you may want to wait on this one. $$$

This was a random move I watched on TV, and it's kind of interesting.  It's about two zombies who are still sentient even after dying, even though none of the other zombies are.  It's an intriguing gimmick, but then it turns into a zombie romantic comedy as one of the undead guys wants to travel cross country to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. There's some enjoyable zombie humor to be had, and even some genuinely touching moments that may bring undead tears to your eyes, but it ends up being too sappy for its own good.  I can understand the main guy's motivation, but all these other people are helping him for true love in the zombie apocalypse? Really? That's your biggest concern?  And it ends with no real resolution to their relationship, or answers any of the questions to the why or how of being sentient zombies.  It's overly romantic, but it's still fun and interesting with some heartfelt moments. $$$

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Review: Casa de mi Padre

Casa de mi Padre is that Will Ferrell movie completely in spanish that you probably heard of but never got a chance to see in theaters. And now it's out on DVD!  Armando Alvarez(Will Ferrell) is trying to keep his family together while his brother Raul(Diego Luna) and his new fiance(Genesis Rodriguez) threaten to tear it apart, all while battling the evil drug lord Onza. If you've ever seen a spanish telenovela, this is exactly like that, but on purpose.  In a way, it reminds me a lot of Black Dynamite, but instead of being completely ridiculous, it plays it straight, which is why it's so funny. It works straight, as the story is engaging, but then it's filled with fake sets, overly dramatic close-ups, fake animals and mannequins, and unnatural cuts in the film.

Usually a film trying to be both straight and funny at the same time fails at both, but here I think it really pulls it off.  Will Ferrell is a believable dramatic actor while still being hilarious, the action is over the top, the story is maddeningly engrossing, and the soundtrack is amazingly fun.  I can see how some would be turned off by it or think it's boring, as there are lots of long dramatic parts(and a HUGE dig at Americans), but I thought it was pure genius and one of Will Ferrell's better films in recent history.  Plus, Nick Offerman! I give it $$$$. Worth checking out, and enjoyable as long as you know what you're getting into.

Quick Review: Pete Smalls is Dead

Pete Smalls is Dead is a strange indie semi-noir movie staring Peter Dinklage. That one sentence probably tells you whether or not you're interested in seeing it.  It has a huge cast of people you know from other things including Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth and Rosie Perez, and they're all pretty good in their respective roles. It's especially enjoyable if you need a Peter Dinklage fix before the next Game of Thrones season, as he's the troubled yet wise-cracking protagonist and narrator.  It's a fairly interesting and funny noir as K.C.(Peter Dinklage) tries to get his dog back from some gangsters by making a movie and investigating the death of his friend, Pete Smalls. It's short and weird(no pun intended) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. $$$$, especially if you love Dinklage and noir.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises

I tried dry brush this time.
I think The Dark Knight Rises is a big enough movie that most people have already seen it, or are planning to see it, or have made up their mind whether or not to see it.  If you haven't, It's pretty great.   It's fun, enjoyable, exciting, thrilling, had great acting and action and was a better ending to the series than I was expecting.  But saying all that, it still has some problems and it doesn't feel as whole and complete as The Dark Knight which, to me, is perfect. And really trying to live up to that is tough, and this is still a great film, but yeah, not as great as the previous two.  Still fun, still great, but not amazing. $$$$$

Anyways, I thought I'd take the rest of the time instead to just talk about some things I really liked and others I didn't.  Spoilers from here on out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Savages

Get out your guns and weed, we're reviewing Savages!
I've been trying more ink and dry brush lately!
Ben(Aaron Johnson) and Chon(Taylor Kitsch) are the two of the best pot growers in the world. Elena(Salma Hayek), who runs the mexican drug cartel, wants in on their business. When Ben and Chon refuse, she kidnaps their mutual girlfriend, O(Blake Lively). What are Ben and Chon willing to do to get her back?  Spoilers follow.

Quick Review: The Big Year

The Big Year is a comedy about bird watching staring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson.  It's funny, heartfelt, and has some pretty interesting stuff on birding, the somewhat competitive sport of bird watching.  What's most interesting is how well it covers what people have to sacrifice for their rabid obsession of their hobby.  
It's pretty entertaining and worth a look. $$$

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sketched Discussion: To Rome with Love

To Rome with Love is the new Woody Allen film that's a love letter to Rome and features a collection of tiny romantic comedies set around the city.  Here's a quick review: It's ok. Kinda cute, kinda weird, has some funny bits and cute parts but feels otherwise disjointed.  Not as good as some of Woody Allen's other movies (like Midnight in Paris), but it's still a love letter to Rome with some nice atmospheric shots. So maybe $$$.  But what I wanted to talk about was its treatment of its female characters, so spoilers below. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Get out your Web-shooters, we're reviewing The Amazing Spider-Man!

Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) is distresed by the mysterious circumstances surrounding his parents' deaths. He's brought up by his Uncle Ben(Martin Sheen) and Aunt May(Sally Field), and has a crush on the nerdy girl at school, Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone).  When he finds a clue to his parent's death that leads him to a Curt Conners (Rhys Ifans), he begins a journey that will ultimately turn him into the Amazing Spider-Man.

Quick Review: Ted

Just trying out nibs and hatching.
Ted, the new movie from Seth Macfarlane, is about a boy who wishes his teddy bear real and he and his bear grow up to be stoner delinquents.   Ted is hilarious.  It's exactly like a classic episode of Family Guy; it has a cute story with a load of funny one-liners and TONS of 80's references. This is what happens when a man obsessed with cheesy 90's sitcoms makes a movie.  You could almost see it working better as a TV show, but as it stands, it's a pretty entertaining movie.  Seth Macfarlane is hilarious as the foul-mouthed teddy bear, Mark Wahlberg is perfect in a comedy role, and Mila Kunis is surprisingly good as the straight man. If you enjoy Family guy and cheesy 80/90's movies, you'll laugh your frickin' ass off at this.

$$$$-Definitely a must see!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Get out your Doomsday clocks, we're reviewing Seeking a Friend for the End of the World!

When the end of the world is immanent, two strangers, Dodge(Steve Carell) and Penny(Keira Knightly), team up to go on a journey to find Dodge's first love and Penny's family. Can they find happiness before the world's end?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Ink and Wash Lincoln done with brush!
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the fake chronicle of Abraham Lincoln's vampire hunting career from his youth all the way into his presidency. It is exactly as ridiculous as it looks and sounds. If you like ridiculous over the top action movies, you'll love this. There's not much of a story or a general arc, and the plot moves way too fast for any kind of narrative sense(He flakes on a girl and then 2 minutes later asks her to marry him?). It's also very similar to Wanted as it has the same director, which could be a good or bad thing.

Benjamin Walker pulls off a great Lincoln, and is especially convincing in the full make-up.  Jimmi Simpson is always funny and they have Alan Tudyk(who might be a vampire?), but sadly don't go anywhere with him.  But the action is enjoyable with plenty of over the top axe action and the the 3D is perfect, even going so far as to have a special trick with the vamp's eyes.  If you like the idea of Lincoln being a vampire hunter, you'll enjoy the movie. $$$$

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Get out your bows and arrows, we're reviewing Brave!
This is my first sketched screenings sketch inking with an actual brush!  Which is also why there's only one illustration.
Brave is the new movie from acclaimed story geniuses and tear factory Pixar studios. Princess Merida(Kelly MacDonald) wants nothing but to ride through the glen shooting arrows into the sunset. But her mother Elinor(Emma Thompson) and father Fergus(Bill Connolly) want her to live the life of a dignified lady. Is there a magical way Merida can change her fate?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Get out your awkward conversation and classy music, we're reviewing Moonrise Kingdom!

Moonrise Kingdom is the latest movie from writer/director Wes Anderson, and it's pretty good, if a bit different.  It mostly comes down to whether or not you like Wes Anderson's style. If you like Wes Anderson movies(Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Darjeeling Unlimited, etc.) You'll enjoy this. If not, well...

Quick Review: That's My Boy

That's My Boy is the new Adam Sandler comedy. Underage Donny Burger gets involved with his hot new teacher(Eva Amurri Martino).  They get found out, she goes to jail and has a kid, who Donny get's custody of and subsequently messes up. Cut to present day, washed-up Donny(Adam Sandler) needs money and must reunite with his son Todd(Andy Samberg), so he doesn't go to jail for not paying taxes. Todd is getting married and of course wants nothing to do with him.

This is actually a really good metaphor for 90's Sandler gross-out movies. They're washed up and everyone tries to forget them, but they have this nostalgia and humor that's kind of endearing that everyone secretly wants to bring back.  I wasn't expecting much from this but I thought it was pretty funny in a gross-out crude humor kind of way.  It's not the best movie you could see, but it's not completely awful is what I'm saying. You can do a lot worse for a Sandler comedy.

$$$-It's not bad. If you like Sandler movies and gross-out humor, there's a lot to laugh at.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Justice League: Doom

Get out your magic rings and batarangs, we're reviewing Justice League: Doom!

Batman, the most important part of any Justice League.
This is the latest straight to DVD animated movie from DC and Warner Brothers. It's great. I gotta say, with the record they have with great straight-to-DVD animations they've been putting out, I have to wonder, WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR WARNER BROTHERS TO MAKE A DECENT NON-BATMAN DC SUPERHERO MOVIE?! Or hey, here's another thought, why can't they just make animations and release them in theaters with 3D and everything? Why is that off the table? Anyways, on to the review!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sketched Discussion: Is Prometheus a metaphor for Abortion?

STAY WITH ME HERE.  Prometheus asks some big questions and has some interesting metaphors, but this might be the biggest one: Is Prometheus a really really good metaphor for abortion? This has to do with mostly one intense scene, so obviously only read this if you've already seen the movie. We are getting into major SPOILERS territory here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The new videogame from director Ridley Scott! THe Brand new FPS based off the hit movie Prometheus
This has taken some time to wrap my head around.  See, it's an enjoyable movie, and it has a lot of great set-up, but after the credits roll, you'll start to think about it and go, "Wait what?"  It's an interesting movie, but it's not the experience I thought it would be.

Friday, June 8, 2012

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Get out your babies, we're reviewing What to Expect When Expecting!

I wasn't expecting much(AHAHAHA) from this.  Oh man, another romantic comedy? With babies? And it's an ensemble movie with a  huge cast? That doesn't sound good at all.  But I'm glad I was dragged to it as I really enjoyed it!  I'd say it's almost as good as Knocked Up(or better depending on how big a Katherine Heigl fan you are.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries

Get out your geiger counters, we're reviewing Chernobyl Diaries!

I wasn't expecting much from this horror movie, but I didn't think it would be this awful.  There's little reason to see it, especially if you've already seen Cabin in the Woods, in which case it looks utterly ridiculous.  Spoilers ahead, but really, you'll thank me later.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Get out your apples and magic birds, we're reviewing Snow White and the Huntsman!

When I first heard about Snow White and the Huntsmen, it sounded terrible. Then Mirror Mirror came out and it suddenly didn't sound so awful.  With more and more trailers of the unique effects, I was getting my hopes up that it would actually be good. Well, it turns out I got my hopes up a bit too much.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bad Sleep Well

Get out your birthday cakes and photographs, we're reviewing The Bad Sleep Well!

This is a black and white japanese noir from the 1960's, so already I know some of you are tuning off. For those of you still interested in old foreign films or noir, well, you might still be turned off.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Men in Black III

Get out your neuralizers and... get out your neuralizers and... get out your neuralizers and...we're reviewing Men in Black III!

"Just the aliens, ma'am."
It's hard not to see this as anything but a quick cashgrab sequel.  Hardly any of the actors(or even characters) from the previous two movies return, and it doesn't have that same MIB feel.  Still, it does have a bit of fun.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The City of Lost Children

Get out your talking brains and telescopic monocles(work with me here), we're reviewing The City of Lost Children!

This is a pretty strange movie written and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the famed director behind Amelie, and Delicatessen. This is stranger than both of those movies combined. Everything is so exaggerated I almost feel like I'm watching a cartoon by Studio Ghibli!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Get out your pegs and plastic ships, we're playing reviewing Battleship!
They are playing the deadliest game.

Battleship is the most Michael Bayiest movie yet, and I am shocked-SHOCKED I SAY-that he had nothing to do with it. If you saw Transformers and thought that would be a perfect movie if not for all the weird robot storylines, then this is the movie for you.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

13 things I'd like to see in the Amazing Spider-Man game

The Amazing Spider-Man game is set to release in June alongside the movie of the same name, and like the movie, I feel like it's going to be ok. Not great, just ok.  Movie tie-in games tend to be on the lack-luster side, and there hasn't been a great Spider-Man movie tie-in game since Spider-Man: The Movie: The Game for the xbox(no Spider-Man 2 was not great. Debate me in the comments!).  But what could turn The Amazing Spider-Man from a mediocre movie-tie in to the best Spider-Man game to date? Well here are 13 things to start with.
Spidey just looked at the new costume. What sense does any of that make?!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dark Shadows

Get out your coffins and disco balls, we're reviewing Dark Shadows!
Johnny Depp was made to be a vampire. Is he a vampire in real life maybe?
This is a strange movie, and not just it's Tim Burtoniness(Tim Burtonisicty? Burtonese?) You can definitely feel it's soap opera roots and everyone has a fun time hamming it up, but it doesn't quite translate as well to the big screen.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Five-Year Engagement

Get out your guns and get ready to shoot yourself in the face wedding rings and doughnuts, because we're reviewing The Five-Year Engagement!
I thought this came out pretty well.
Here's the short version: It's awful. Here's the long version: It's got some funny parts, but other than that, it's pretty awful. I cannot believe how uncomfortable and painful a movie co-written and starring Jason Segel and produced by Judd Apatow is. For the in-depth version...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers

Get out your hammers and shields and Gamma radiation, and pulse lasers and arrows...and wrist blasters, because we're reviewing The Avengers!
Seriously. Agent Coulson is our secret weapon. Who are all these other guys with hammers and lasers and whatever.
Hoooleeee crap. So this movie actually happened. I think it's safe to say everyone has already seen it, reviewed it, or made plans to see it. And if for some reason you're on the fence waiting for my good review, well first of all thank you and I'm glad my voice is that important to you, and second of all GO SEE THE MOVIE. Hopefully I can talk about a few things that haven't been mentioned as of yet.