About Sketched Screenings

Here at Sketched Screenings we do reviews for movies, new or already released, discussions of movies, movie lists, and sometimes stuff about TV shows and games. All with art!

How the reviews work: Usually I give you a rundown of what the movies about, with as little spoilers as I can muster (unless it's a terrible movie, in which case, man you are not missing much), the good aspects, the bad aspects, whether it's worth seeing, other movies similar to it, and one scene that works as metaphor for the entire movie.

How the rating system works: I use a money system i.e. how much money and time you should spend on a given movie instead of how good or bad it is.

$$$$$=It's great! You should spend ALL THE MONIES on it and see it multiple times! Instant classic in which you should by the DVD/Blu-Ray!
$$$$=It's very good! You should at least see it once; in theaters if it's possible.
$$$=It's ok. Maybe see it, maybe not, maybe wait until it's out on DVD.
$$=It's bad. Only see this in extreme cases and only for the few things they did right.
$=Do not waste your time or money on it because it is an awful piece of awful.

Over on the right sidebar you'll find some tools to help you find what you're looking for. A search option, I have posts broken up into category(reviews, discussions, lists, etc.), broken up into genre, and finally the blog archives. Also, there's a list of movie reviews I like. If you like my opinions, you should enjoy these guys!

I hope you find Sketched Screenings helpful and enjoyable. If you do, don't be shy in the comments section!