Friday, December 12, 2014

The End

Hi. So. You've probably noticed that there haven't been any new Sketched Screenings posts. That's because I'm stopping it.

I've been frustrated with it for awhile. I've sort of hit a wall with the art I'm doing for it. I've been doing it for almost four years now, and I'm really proud of a lot of the posts I've done. Sketched Screenings was started because I liked talking about movies and I needed something to force me do sketches weekly and make me improve over time. And I think it's done that. I've come a long way with my art since the start of 2011, both in quality and in my ability to put out a decent product quickly. I mean, this was my first sketch for it:

WOAH. When I was starting out I was doing 1 pencil sketch per post, and now I can do 3 or 4 inked and colored illustrations per post. That's pretty great! And I'm even getting to a point where I like my style. And I would not have gotten there if it wasn't for posting Sketched Screenings every week.


I'm not happy with the stuff I'm drawing. Mostly the content. Sure it's fun when there's Godzilla or some big comics movie, but I'm tired of being stumped for ideas when an indie comedy or something that's just about people comes out. I tried moving to maybe a movie poster illustration for each but I don't have the time to do the kind of really thought out illustration that demands twice a week, especially when I'm also writing the reviews. Reviews can be fun, but I'm also not really going anywhere with them. It's been feeling more like a chore than a fun thing to do, and that's not great when it's something you're spending your free time doing and not getting paid for. I've been so frustrated that I decided to take a break from it in October to see if I missed it. And then I tried to come back to it and, well, I didn't. So I'm moving on. I'm going to find something new to do every week. Not that I'm not doing ANY art.

I'll still talk about movies and comics and TV and games on twitter if you really care what I think about the Big New Thing. And maybe if I really like something enough I'll post a review on my blog. Otherwise, if you like my art, you can read my bi-weekly webcomic, Dime-Store Noir, and follow my art on my blog, my website and my fancy new Art Tumblr. And if you REALLY like my art, you can buy something off my Etsy page, or ask for a commission, or support me through Patreon. That would be nice. It's the holidays and I do make custom greeting cards you know wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading over the years. Thank you for following me, reblogging/retweeting/sharing my work and commenting on my articles. You've been a great audience and I hope you stick with me for whatever I do next. Thanks and so long for now!


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