Quick Reviews

$9.99: A stop-motion film involving a group of various characters trying to find happiness, and figuring out what happiness means. Kind of interesting, a couple of the stories were nice, but it was all really weird. Might recommend it to stop-motion enthusiasts, but it wasn't great.

Sleeping Dogs Lie: Insanely strange romantic comedy about whether you should have complete honesty in a good relationship. SPOILER ALERT: You shouldn't. Not the best movie, it has it's slow parts, but it's pretty crazy and worth a look.

Branded to Kill: An old strange surreal Japanese Noir film. You can tell it's low budget, and it's really out there, and long. Don't know if I can recommend it, but it has some interesting shots and devices.

Marjoe: An interesting and sometimes terrifying, sometimes funny, sometimes sad documentary about a man who was trotted around as a kid preacher as a boy and exposes how the religious machine works. If you have a strong dislike towards religion and wonder how it can have such power over people, watch this movie.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Fun with some great action scenes, but not much of a story. The action is very tense and suspenseful. Plenty of Tom Cruise running but a severe lack of masks are used. Not as good as MI1 or MI3 but still a load of fun.

The Adventures of Tin Tin: Fun, had some great action sequences, good use of 3D. The 3D textures look amazing, and some of the characters look good, but some of them are very 'Uncanny Valley'. Still worth checking out.

Halo Legends: Like the Animatrix but with Halo. Very pretty, lots of action, some cool story ideas. "Odd one out" is easily the best. If you like the Halo universe and anime you'll enjoy this.

Four Lions: A comedy about islamic terrorists. Interesting idea, funny and moving, but also hard to understand their thick accents half the time. Still interesting enough to watch, just consider using subtitles.

The Lion King 3D: Since I haven't seen the original in years, it's hard to tell what's good 3D and what's just good animation technique, but if you love the Lion King, I'd recommend seeing it. Still a great and moving experience.

Blood Simple: The Coen Bros.' first movie. It's long and slow, but has nice cinematography, and a nice twisty noir plot. Recommended for noir and Coen Bros buffs.

High Plains Drifter: An enjoyable if not haunting western. Nice cinematography, but mostly enjoyable for Clint Eastwood taking what he wants and being a total badass.

Burlesque: Dull predictable story and everything wraps up too nicely. Not interested in Christina Aguilera playing Christina Aguilera, didn't like the music as much as I thought I would. It has Kristen Bell as a Burlesque dancer, which might be it's only saving point. I wouldn't bother.

Dead Snow: Incredibly gory and original, doesn't have a cliched script, great action sequences, especially the final battle. A must-see for horror/zombie/gore fans.

Aaah! Zombies!: Interesting concept taken from the viewpoint of zombies, fairly good acting, kind of predictable and has a drawn out, sappy ending, but still weird interesting and funny. Worth a look.

Resident Evil Afterlife: Utterly terrible. Don't bother. It feels like someone spilled a huge mess and they're trying to pick it up, but somehow making it messier. As bad if not worse than Apocalypse.

The Informant!: Funny, awkward, not as funny as the previews, but interesting. Had a mess load of comedians, Damon does a great job of playing a hapless CEO constantly thinking about everyday things. Great soundtrack, like a goofy James Bond.

Cars 2: Really fun and enjoyable. It's like if James Bond was fused with his Aston Martin. Really cool style and soundtrack. It's better than the first one, and I love how everything in the story falls together. Worth a look.

Oldboy: Brutal and intense action film about a man imprisoned for 15 years and suddenly set free. Great story, amazing camera work, soundtrack is a bit weak but the end will leave your mouth gaping open. Highly recommended.

A Bittersweet Life: Good brutal but not over the top action, great camera work, didn't have the generic love story most action films like this have. It's pretty badass, and worth a viewing.

The Good, The Bad, and the Weird: Great action sequences, lotsa fun, good soundtrack, takes cues from American westerns bad has its own cool style. Has a killer ending and love how not everyone knows kung fu. Highly recommended!

Bridesmaids: Really funny in parts, but also has slow parts. Pretty much like any other wedding movie, but with better humor. worth a look.

Fast Five: Total ridiculousness. mind-breaking physics and amazing ridiculousness from the Rock and Vin Diesel. Slow in the middle. Fun and worth watching just to laugh at. Best videogame movie ever. Wait, it's not a videogame?

Payback: Straight Up: The director's cut of Payback is closer to the novel, but not as funny and doesn't have the charm of the original movie. Still worth a look to hardcore noir buffs.

Altitude: Weird movie with horrible acting. Saw it for the sky squid but there wasn't enough squid to be had. The out of nowhere ending is almost worth trudging through it. Almost.