Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Ink and Wash Lincoln done with brush!
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the fake chronicle of Abraham Lincoln's vampire hunting career from his youth all the way into his presidency. It is exactly as ridiculous as it looks and sounds. If you like ridiculous over the top action movies, you'll love this. There's not much of a story or a general arc, and the plot moves way too fast for any kind of narrative sense(He flakes on a girl and then 2 minutes later asks her to marry him?). It's also very similar to Wanted as it has the same director, which could be a good or bad thing.

Benjamin Walker pulls off a great Lincoln, and is especially convincing in the full make-up.  Jimmi Simpson is always funny and they have Alan Tudyk(who might be a vampire?), but sadly don't go anywhere with him.  But the action is enjoyable with plenty of over the top axe action and the the 3D is perfect, even going so far as to have a special trick with the vamp's eyes.  If you like the idea of Lincoln being a vampire hunter, you'll enjoy the movie. $$$$

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