Friday, July 22, 2011

Sketched List: 7 favorite gory horror scenes

After just watching Dead Snow(surprise it's on this list!) I wanted to make a list of my 7 favorite gory kill scenes in Horror movies.  Fair warning for those squemish: Loooota blood. Also disclaimer, these aren't necessarily the best gory scenes(add your own in the comics if you think I missed something!), these are just my favorite, and just ones I can remember, and just ones specifically from horror movies. On to the gore!

Tried something new this time, quick photoshop zombie kill. What do you guys think?

7) The Thing: Norris Monster

We're starting off the list relatively tame, with The Thing. I didn't think of this initially, the movie being nearly 30 years old, but rewatching it, this was an incredibly gory and awesome scene. Not just how the thing unexpectedly kills the doc, but its transformation into the horrific beast, and finally its screaming head springing from he body and mutating into a creature unto itself. Even after they kill it, the thing just won't die!  This is a great movie about the human condition, and the creature effects are phenomenal.

6) Resident Evil: Lasers

Resident Evil is one of my favorite zombie movies. Nevermind the next three turned to shit, the first one was a decent horror film with zombies, action that wasn't over the top, Michelle Rodriguez, a soundtrack done by Marilyn Manson, and a story about a group of regular humans trapped in a house filled with zombies. And it works as a prequel to the games! This scene is so good they put it in as a level in Resident Evil 4.  "Hmmm, how can we make a movie with zombies better?" "Lasers!"  Lasers indeed.

5) 28 Weeks Later: Helicopter scene

We can argue about whether Weeks was better than Days, but you have to admit, it was way more epic. For proof, I give you the helicopter scene.  Honestly, when given a helicopter and a bunch of zombies, who hasn't wanted to do that exact same thing, regardless of helicopter physics?

4) 30 Days of Night: Beau's Valor

30 Days of Night is an incredibly creepy and eery horror film for it's use of silence and strange sound effects alone.  This video is horrible quality and doesn't do it justice, but the scene in question follows the burly Beau, in his truck, taking out dozens of vampires with beartraps, a shotgun, and a big-ass saw. The  apex of the fight comes when a vamp jumps on the front of his truck and Beau blasts him with his shotgun, into the saw, splitting him in half. It's a completely badass scene and even has an explosive ending!

(youtube wouldn't let me embed)

Everyone loves Shaun of the Dead for hilariously revitalizing the zombie industry.  This is the part where David, biggest twat in the world, gets torn apart.  It's not that he gets torn apart right before he's about to apologize, or that a horde of zombies pass around his intestines while he's still screaming, or that he literally gets ripped to pieces and all they're left with are his legs.  The very best thing ever is that his girlfriend picks up his leg, runs out the door, and starts beating zombies with it out of sheer revenge.

2) Automaton Transfusion: Baby Scene

Probably the most awesomely graphic scene from the worst movie. I had high hopes for Automaton Transfusion, for the cool sounding name alone(think about it for a sec) but in reality it's a sub-par zombie movie with bad acting and a cliff-hanger ending.  Yes, that's right, a single, low budget horror flick and they ended it with a cliff hanger. Imagine my surprise while watching this mediocre trash when all of a sudden HOLY SHIT WHAT THE-DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! Just out of freaking nowhere a halfway decent kill pops up! This might possibly be the most shocking kill I've seen in a horror movie. You're welcome.

1) Dead Snow: Final Battle Scene

It's just too epic, too satisfying. The final battle in Dead Snow is everything you'd ever want from a couple of guys fighting nazi zombies in the snow with power tools and a snowmobile.  It's made even better by the awesome soundtrack, and even better when you realize one of the characters is a med student who was previously afraid of blood. The whole movie is beautifully gory if you haven't seen it, and it gets better if you keep watching past this, but this scene alone is worth a look.

Honorable Mentions: Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police

I can't put these on the list because they're more action than horror, but Goddamnit they are so awesome. Fake blood and prosthetic limbs everywhere. It's hard to pick one scene that's the best from either of them; it's the kind of movie that does something ridiculous in which you know there's no way they can top it, and then they do. I'd recommend starting off with Machine Girl and working up to Tokyo Gore Police, the latter makes the former look like a nice jaunt through the woods. Here are a couple of scenes to satiate your everloving bloodlust!

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