Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sketched TV: Survivor Tribute

I did some sketches of people I like on Survivor so I thought I'd do a short tribute to Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites. Some spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen the finale or the last couple of episodes. Oh note, these are sketches of people's faces I like. I was surprised at the number of interesting faces in this season of Survivor!  I'm trying more painterly styles of shading in photoshop. Tell me how successful it is.
Anyone else think Andrea kind of looks like a cat? I think it's the huge eyes and the nose. On to spoilers!

Anyways, Andrea was a pretty smart player, but it was amazing when she got voted out with an idol in her pocket. Also, is this the first time someone was vocal when they're being voted out? Amazing.

Congrats to Cochran. I've always thought he had an interesting face. I liked him more this season than when he previously was on. He's realyl come into his own and stepped up his game. It's funny about survivor. You start out with this pool of people you want to win, but as people get voted out, the pool closes and most of the time you're left hoping for the best of whoever's best(Except for last season where I was elated when the Atheist sex-therapist won). I'm really glad Cochran won, he deserved it. I was originally pulling for Malcom or Reynolds, but then it was between Brenda and Cochran, and then Brenda got voted out!

Oof. Poor Brenda. She was always upbeat. She could have easily won if she stayed to the end, so it was probably a smart movie to vote her out when they did. But she was always very upbeat and cheery and incredibly good at endurance challenges. I imagine she does a lot of yoga. And congrats on the new baby coming!

Erik was a cool dude and I liked his chin and incredibly luscious hair, but I was never realyl an Erik fan. He never really made any decisions and was always on the sidelines. Still, it's a shame he got taken out on medical emergency.

Ugh, Dawn. Y'know I kept wanting her to be voted out, but considering no one voted for her it was a realyl smart move to bring her. And considering that Eddie could have easily gotten four votes and Dawn would never had voted for Cochran if he voted her out, smart move. I think she might have gotten a couple fo votes if Brenda hadn't pushed it over the edge with that teeth stunt. Which, damn good for her. It rivaled Penner from last season as best jury confrontation. Which, seriously Dawn, that is cold. Especially since Brenda chose Dawn first on that rewards challenge right before she voted ehr out. I believe Cochran voted Brenda out for strategic purposes, but I stil think Dawn did it out of spite.

There was a lot of discussion about the difference between Dawn and Cochran and how Cochran was a strategic player and she says she was but no one believes her. But Dawn was always more of an emotional player, and she did make those emotional bonds, calling people friend, and then stabbing them in the back. Think of the last immunity challenge, she didn't try and persuade Cochran to take her, she just EXPECTED Cochran would take her because they have "such a huge bond" when you know that if she had gotten Immunity, she would seriously be considering ditching Cochran and that bond would be worth shit. Very disingenuous.

Oh man, and Sherri getting no votes with no oen asking her anything is amazing. I honestly think she would have gotten a few if she had owned up to the fact she was carried through half the game. But after that whole rant at Erik, no thank you.

This was a really entertaining season of Survivor and I can't wait for the next one. I think next season I'll do a weekly sketch tribute to people getting voted off. What are your thoughts of this season? Were you happy for the winner? Who were your favorites and what were your favorite moments?

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