Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Review: The People Vs. George Lucas

The People vs. George Lucas is a very interesting documentary on the love/hate relationship fans have with Star Wars and George Lucas.  On the one hand, it's his work and he should be able to do what he wants with it. On the other, after it become a seminal part of history and subculture, doesn't it part also belong to the fans?  It's fascinating seeing the back and forth between fans and professionals alike, ranging from Simon Pegg, to Niel Gailman, to authors of the subject, to fans who have made fan films or edited versions of movies, to George himself.  If you're any kind of Star Wars fan and have ever wondered if Lucas is trying to piss off his fans on purpose, I'd recommend picking it up. It's a fun and informative piece chocked full of fan love for the Wars.

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