Friday, April 20, 2012

New money system!

If you've read my reviews You'll notice I try to stray away from giving movies a numerical value from whence to judge it on.  I agree with reviewers like Yahtzee that some things aren't a matter of good or bad, but each person's personal flavor, that certain things are much more complicated than a five star system, and that it's hard to compare one movie or game to another when they could be seen for two completely different purposes.


I think, especially in times like these, a huge deciding factor is whether or not a movie is worth spending your hard earned and possibly few dollars on.  And especially big budget movies that just came out with ticket prices approaching 15-20 bucks.  In the beginning, I tried out a non-sensical rating system that game people a general idea of how good a movie was, but it never really took off. So now, mainly for the movies just released in the theater, I'm introducing the money scale! A scale of $ to $$$$$ to see how worth it it is to see this movie.

$$$$$- indicates this is an outstanding movie! Why aren't people making more of these?! See this multiple times! Think The Dark Knight, or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World or Attack the Block.

$$$$-indicates this is a great movie. It's exceptional, and you should definitely see it in theaters before it goes, but you probably only need to see it once. Think The Grey, or The Artist.

$$$-It's still a good movie, you'll probably enjoy it, it's good if you want to see something and there's nothing else out there, but I wouldn't run out to see it. Think John Carter or Red Tails.

$$-indicates it's not very good. There are very few reasons you should see this. Unless you're part of a rabid fanbase or you get dragged to it with a friend, there are better ways to spend your money. maybe wait until it's on netflix or DVD. Think The Lorax or Transformers 3.

$-this is a terrible movie! Don't watch it! Run away! RUN FAR AWAY! Don't ever think about Conan the Barbarian or Green Lantern.

Hopefully this will help you in your decision of how best to spend your dollars and time. What do you guys think? Helpful or a waste of time?

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