Friday, March 30, 2012

Sketched discussion: Kiki and the wonderful world of Miyazaki

I recently finished watching what is now probably my new favorite Miyazaki film, Kiki's Delivery Service, and I couldn't help notice how much I was tearing up: in the beginning, in the middle during the flying scenes, for the climax, and of course at the end. Why was this happening?

It's not even their saddest animation(shut the hell up Grave of the Fireflies!). A young witch goes out into the world to grow into an adult and live on her own, learning she has to believe in herself.  Maybe it's the beautiful and simple idea of flying that I'll never get to do. Maybe it's that she is literally half my age and going out to live on her own while I'm still living with my parents. Maybe it's the beautiful animation that would take me years to ever hope to do. But then it hit me: it's the world Miyazaki built.

Kiki lives in a world, similar to many of the Miyazaki films, that is a simple and hopeful world, filled with loving people willing to help out wherever and whenever they can. This is a world where a young boy or girl can go out and expect to meet people that will gladly help them and guide them on their journey. In short, it is not the world we live in today, it is a fantasy.

The Miyazaki world is built with the idea that all people are basically good and even your most hated enemy might help you out. Even if you're a vicious pirate, there's no reason not to have good manners. Man, I wish we lived in that world. The noir world, my speciality, is the direct opposite of that. Its a dirty world with selfish people who all at least have a little bad in them and at most are complete villains. Sometimes, I think that is the world we live in.

And that's what really tears me up in these movies, that here's a beautiful world filed with kind people that's almost nothing like the one we live in today. And that's also when I realized that one day I would give up noir. Not right now, because there are still a butt-load of dirty stories I want to tell, but eventually. Because I want to build a Miyazaki world. I want to make stories in that kind of world. And I think maybe if I keep making stories like that, like he does, maybe it will trick the world into being a better place.

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