Thursday, March 22, 2012

In TIme

Get out all your Time puns, we're reviewing In Time!
Not bad for something done in less than an hour. IN ILLUSTRATOR.
I hope you read this time. Hahaha-no wait DON'T LEAVE!

In a world where time is(quite literally)money and you only live a year unless you get more time, Will(Justin Timberlake), like so many others, is living day to day. When a suicidal billionaire(Matt Bomer) gives Will all his time, WIll suddenly has all the time in the world. But what does he do with it, and how can he use it when everyone else wants it just as badly?

If nothing, this is the movie in which Justin Timberlake finally learns how to act. It's been a rocky road but I finally believe him as an actor and not just Justin Timberlake in a movie(although we all know he needs to quit music and acting so he can become a full-time member on SNL) He's tough, he's got an intensity, and I can believe his character is from the streets and he's suddenly enjoying the highlife.
But seriously, never ever leave SNL.
It's flooded with a huge class of pretty young well-knowns including Cillian Murphey as the detective who can't let go, and Vincent Kartheiser from MadMen playing a wealthy bank owner. Although, wouldn't it be cool if right before they died they suddenly withered and died as old people? Or if all the lower-class people who only have a few years left looked like senior citizens while the rich continued to look young and pretty? But that's neither here nor there.

The world they set up is pretty interesting and a HUGE metaphor for how society is today. All the lower class citizens have to run and work their hands to the bone just to make ends meat while the rich and powerful can take their time and play games with the years they have. This is nice, but they're both two extremes with nothing in the middle. I would have liked to see how middle-class life was and how WIll would deal with it. Can he trust them because they're also struggling or are they just as bad because they want more? But Sci-Fi allegories are all about the extremes.

When Will meets Sylvia(Amanda Seyfried) and they're foreced to go on the run from the law, it quickly turns into a Bonnie and Clyde style futuristic action film with lots of fun action and sexy sex tension. It's a blast! Car chases, gagster showdowns, and gun fights are all welcome.  A spoonful of future gunplay explosions helps the metaphor go down.
I'm actually a HUGE Amanda Seyfried fan. Don't tell anybody.
Overall I don't really have any complaints about it. It wasn't an amazing must-see film you need to add to your sci-fi comendium, but it's still a fun ride that's highly enjoyable.

THE GOOD: fun, nice metaphor for society, great cast, Justin Timberlake is an actor now I guess.
THE BAD: No middle class, not amazing.
THE VERDICT: I'd recommend picking it up if you've...(put's on sunglasses) got the time.
MOVIES LIKE IT: Gattaca, Total Recall, Dark City, Metropolis, Equilibrium
ONE-SCENE METAPHOR: They go through a tunnel and the tolls go progressively higher from 3 months to a full year. IT'S LIKE THEY KNOW.

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