Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 Guns

Get out your gun and other gun, we're reviewing 2 Guns!

Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) and Bobby B. (Denzel Washington) both think they're crooks robbing money from drug kingpin Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos). But, in fact, Stigman is undercover Naval Intelligence and Bobby B is undercover DEA, and they happen to be stealing money from the CIA. Can they work together and uncover who set them up?

I can't wait for the sequel, 2 Guns 2. Or maybe Two Guns Squared? 4 guns? Anyway, it's a pretty great movie! I wasn't expecting much, but it has a lot of great action. It's funny and a really fun film!

The best thing about 2 Guns is Wahlberg and Washington's chemistry together. Wahlberg is super-happy and fun all the time, while Washington is the straight-laced hard-ass trying his best to put up with him. They share some great jokes together and the film is at its best when they're bickering with each other. So great is their chemistry that when they're apart, the movie slows down considerably and doesn't feel nearly as fun. You can't wait for them to get together and argue!

The action is entertaining, though there’s nothing too memorable. There are tons of gunfights, explosions, car chases and fisticuffs. This is a movie where the two protagonists piss off all the guys, then proceed to shoot all the guys. The explosive third act is one huge exciting clusterfuck of everyone shooting everyone else. It's pretty amazing.

It has a pretty full cast, including James Marsden as a dirty Naval officer, Bill Paxton at his creepiest and sleaziest, and Paula Patton oozing sexuality. I really wish Paula Patton had more to do other than look sexy, be topless, and get kidnapped. She's also the only major female role, which is troubling. I don't completely hate her Damsel in Distress plotline, but it's certainly not the greatest. I don't know if this was straight from the comic or if they eliminated some roles, but would it have killed them to have a single other female - one Stigman hadn’t winked at? No progress! But all the other guys are pretty good in their roles, I guess. Olmos is creepy and I really like Marsden as a villain. Then again, I like Marsden in anything.

The plot of two undercover guys from different agencies not realizing they're undercover is pretty intriguing and keeps you guessing about who set them up and how they're going to solve everything. They usually solve everything with guns. Lots and lots of guns. It's not that different from most buddy cop movies with guys from different departments having to work together. It reminds me a lot of The Heat, actually. The script and dialogue is just fun enough to place it higher than the common buddy-cop film.

It occurs to me that there isn’t much to the movie, but still manages to be great! It's well-paced, with action in all the right spots; it's funny, with an acceptable abundance of humor. If you're looking for a new action movie to watch, I'd highly recommend it.

THE GOOD: Great action, great cast, funny, great chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington, lots of fun.

THE BAD: Only one major female role and not a lot for her to do, Damsel in Distress plot, parts without Washington and Wahlberg together can be slow.

THE VERDICT: $$$$ See it! It's a ton of fun! You might even say… 2 fun! No, you wouldn't. No one would say that. But it is a fun film, definitely worth seeing!

MOVIES LIKE IT: Man on Fire, The Other Guys, The Good Guys, The Heat, 48 Hours

ONE-SCENE METAPHOR: When they're planning the bank robbery, Stig and Bobby B bicker in a diner across the way. It's a hilarious back and forth, but when they're done they get right to business.

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