Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick Review: Gangster Squad

Get out your Tommy Guns, we're quickly reviewing Gangster Squad!  Mickey Cohen(Sean Penn) comes to take over LA, but the police chief(Nick Nolte) is having none of it. He gets Sgt. O'Mara(Josh Brolin) to form a team to tear down the gangsters' business!
I really enjoyed Gangster Squad, but there's not much to talk about. There's some brutal action here and there, but mostly it's just guys shooting at other guys. And the plot is pretty by the numbers, but it's still fun, funny and overall enjoyable. Maybe if it wasn't so transparently by-the-numbers and if they had kept up with the brutal stylized action they set up in the beginning(it's no worse than a good episode of Boardwalk Empire) it would have been a fantastic movie instead of just a great one. But as it stands, it's a mix of some pretty good performances, great period piece work, enjoyable action, funny sharp dialogue, a nice classy soundtrack, and an overall pretty fun movie. $$$$ Go see it! Especially if you like noir and gangster flicks.

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