Friday, November 25, 2011

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Get out your drugs and 3D glasses! We're reviewing A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas!!!
I really like how Harold turned out.  It's been a crazy week and I'm currently sick, so I reserve the right to come back and color it later.
There's no getting around that this movie is stupid and ridiculous. If you've seen the trailer, you have an idea of what you're in for. But is it the good kind of stupid?

Also this is the first review with my new editor, Leilani Oliden!  Goodbye typos!

It's been years since Harold (John Cho) and Kumar's (Kal Penn) previous adventures. Harold has become a very successful businessman, working on Wallstreet with a big house and a beautiful wife. Kumar lost his job at the hospital, his girlfriend is gone, and he's living in squalor. They haven't seen each other in years. When Kumar meets up with Harold to drop off a mysterious package, they start off on a Christmas adventure that will bring them closer together than they've ever been before. Weed and dick jokes ensue.

I didn't go into the movie expecting much, which I'm sure is why I got so much out of it. I found it hilarious. I've seen a lot of comedies over the past year and I can't remember one during which I laughed this hard. One might even say that I...laughed out loud. There was just so much going on that there wasn't any point when I wasn't entertained: dick jokes, ridiculous characters, 3D meta jokes, silly humor, Neil Patrick Harris, and even claymation! CLAYMATION DICK JOKES, PEOPLE! All the comedians were great, especially Tom Lennon and Neil Patrick Harris. I was afraid the NPH factor would be too high, that this would just be A Neil Patrick Harris Christmas, special guest starring Harold and Kumar. But, thankfully, he did his part and was on his merry way.

Speaking of 3D meta humor, if there was ever a movie to see in 3D, this would be it. They jam packed this thing full of 3D jokes, things coming at you, and just utter 3D deliciousness. This is a movie that is not only worth the extra three bucks, it would lessen the overall experience if you only saw it in 2D. Move over Avatar, there's a new 3D sheriff in town! And it's all about beer pong and ecstasy!

I would say it's meaningless fun, but I can't. I rather liked the plot. It's an interesting issue (one I'm sure many people go through) about growing up and out of your friends and discovering you're just different people without them. As much as they fight, Harold and Kumar need each other. Without Kumar, Harold is just too wound up. Without Harold, Kumar just falls apart. It's not as meaningful as the first one but still a good narrative.

This is the feel good Christmas movie of the year. It knows exactly what it is and takes full advantage at every turn. It's exactly like any other Christmas special you'd see this time around the holidays; except this one is for stoners.

THE GOOD: Fun, silly, great use of 3D, lovers of Harold and Kumar will enjoy it.

THE BAD: Tons of crude dumb humor, which is a problem if it's not your thing.

OVERALL: If you like silly dumb movies, you'll love this. I'd recommend seeing it, especially during the holidays, especially especially with friends, and especially to the third power, drunk or under the influence.

ONE SCENE METAPHOR: The scene from A Christmas Story where the kid's tongue is stuck to the flagpole, but instead of his tongue, it's his dick.

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