Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Get out your Hammers and winged helmets, we're taking the rainbow bridge to Thor!
I went with the more traditional version. Your welcome ladies.

Looks like I haven't done a post in a couple of weeks. Well first I haven't seen many movies, I've actually been catching up on TV like Adventure Time and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Plus I've been busy with comics and a certain boardgame. But anyways, onto Thor!

Thor is a really fun movie that's great for all ages, even though it has a PG-13 rating. It has a bunch of cool fight scenes and the visuals are stunning and original.

Thor(Chris Hemsworth) is the son of Odin(Anthony Hopkins), and is about to become the new king of Asgard when his ceremony is abruptly disturbed by their sworn enemies, the frost giants. When Thor goes a little too battle crazy, Odin senses he's not quite ready to become king, takes away his powers, and sends him to Earth to learn humility. S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Hammer, Thor finds a cute physicist named Jane Foster(Natalie Portman) and antics and kissing ensue.

This has been mentioned on other reviews(such as moviebob's), but I think it bares repeating. Thor isn't the grown up super realistic bloody adult version of the comic; it's light-hearted, silly, colorful superhero action movie. Which works out perfectly because that's what the comic was like. It's not dark, Thor isn't a complex main character trying to battle what society constantly thinks of him, he's a man that looks like Fabio trying really hard not to be a dick, and he hits things with a hammer. Think the first Spiderman, or Fantastic Four(screw you guys I liked those movies!).

I'm not a huge Thor fan, so I can't really say how well they stuck to the comic. From what I can tell from my professional sources, they didn't do too bad. The cast were all perfect with Hemsworth really pulling from his inner Norse God. Natalie Portman plays the female equivalent of the nerdy guy in every other superhero movie, Anthony Hopkins is Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston plays a conniving Loki, and even Jeremy Renner plays a surprise role that I hope he keeps in the Avengers movie.

Oh, and everyone who was getting their panties in a bunch about a black guy playing a norse god, they aren't THE norse gods, they're freakin' inter-dimensional space viking aliens. And he owned every scene of that role. So take it easy. Strangely, no one got up in arms about the asian inter-dimensional space viking. I guess they're ok if they're part ninja?

The computer effects probably aren't as good as some tech savvy people would like, but the visuals are so bright and stunning it's hard to care. They have icy blue frost giants and fiery robots and Loki in green and gold horns and some really nice universal shots of Asgard. And Thor's costume doesn't seem ridiculous at all!

There is some, "Oh I just met you yesterday but let's fall madly in love anyways," in there, but he's a god of thunder and she's Natalie Portman as a cute nerdy physicist, so how could they not fall for each other?

I really don't understand why this film got a PG-13 movie. There's barely any blood, fatalities are minimum, no real sex scenes, and the ladies are strangely clothed. Actually, in this movie the guys get more nakey than girls(you're welcome ladies). This seems like a strange phenomenon considering the usual guy candy superhero blockbusters(lookin' at you SuckerPunch). So guys, feel free to drag your girlfriend to the action-packed space viking movie, it'll totally be worth it for her.

The pacing is done well, and there weren't any places that it felt too boring. They did a nice job of sewing together the Thor universe and the rest of the Marvel universe without taking away from either. This is a really fun movie and great way to start the superhero summer movie extravaganza. I completely recommend you guys see this as soon as possible.

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